Here’s what people are saying about “Dance of the Restless Soul

"Lola rejects convention in a world that pushes her to conform—a pairing that results in tension at every turn." The Booklife Prize Critique's Review


"I thoroughly enjoyed Dance of the Restless Soul! I am looking forward to her next book to find out what happens to these characters in the future. The details of the locations in France were well researched, accurate, and added interesting background details. Bravo!" - Brenda Schancer

"I'm really looking forward to the next book! I loved the characters and how quickly I got pulled into this adventure! The vivid descriptions of Paris and New Orleans made me feel like I was there. Great job!"- Paul Kaperick


"Dance of the Restless Soul” against the backdrop of the carefully woven details of 19th century France, draws the reader in to the intrigue, danger, daring and loves of Lola, a young woman trying to follow her dream in a man's world. I eagerly await the continuation of her adventures as she strives to become her own person." - Jane Miner 


"I really enjoyed this book, it kept me up late many nights reading. It has great detail and great characters. I can't wait for the next one!" - Lonnie Jenson 


"Dance of the Restless Soul by Ren'e Fedyna is a 'can't put downable' book. Her main character, Lola La Fontaine, is someone I just want to follow for the rest of her life! She's rambunctious, flamboyant, determined and stubborn as a mule! You just want to know what she's going to do next! All of the characters are unforgettable and I just can't wait for her next book, Dance With The Devil!" - Tucky Case